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Mass Concrete Thermal Monitoring

Public infrastructure is built to serve the people. It’s designed with the best intentions, often to last 100-years, and provide safe passage during that time. We provide stakeholders with honest, accurate, third party data to verify things are built right.

Mass Concrete Thermal Monitoring

EXACT’s infrastructure monitoring system was designed for mass concrete. Installations are quick and reliable with our wireless monitor sensors and hardware. View your thermal, pressure, strain and other data in real-time, online, 24/7. With automatic differential, alerts and reports.



Get accurate breaks and strip 20%+ sooner or keep to your current schedule and save 20%+ on cement and admixtures.

Place your test concrete cylinders in our EXACT Match box and they’ll cure at the exact same time and temperature as your concrete in the plant. Whether the cylinders are in the plant or at your lab across the property, we’ll match the temperature to within +-2°C/+-3.5°F.

Strain + Settlement Monitoring

We monitor subway tunnels carrying hundreds of thousands of people a day. While workers are excavating below. How do we ensure this work is done to the highest standard of safety? With our real-time settlement monitoring system. Accurate to within 0.6 mm. Wireless, lightweight and quick to deploy.

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